Furby Boom Pink Hearts Plush Toy - B00FS62XIIFurby Boom Pink Hearts Plush Toy - B00FS62XIIFurby Boom Pink Hearts Plush Toy - B00FS62XIIFurby Boom Pink Hearts Plush Toy - B00FS62XII
Furby Boom Pink Hearts Plush Toy - B00FS62XII
Furby Boom Pink Hearts Plush Toy - B00FS62XII Furby Boom Pink Hearts Plush Toy - B00FS62XII Furby Boom Pink Hearts Plush Toy - B00FS62XII

Furby Boom Pink Hearts Plush Toy - B00FS62XII

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  • Talk to your Furby and interact with it to teach it English and shape its personality

  • Pet, tickle its tummy and pull tail, then pull and hold tail for 10 seconds to make Furby sleep

  • Feed Furby with your finger, introduce Furby to others, shake and tilt Furby and play music for Furby

  • Play games, get eggs and raise virtual Furblings with the free Furby Boom app

  • App is not compatible with prior Furby generations

  • Product description

    Using the new, free FURBY BOOM app you can personalize, interact with, and care for your new furry friend. An interactive dashboard feature monitors the well being of your FURBY BOOM creature including its happiness, hunger, and cleanliness levels. As you play with and care for your FURBY BOOM they will earn colourful virtual eggs that in time will each hatch and become a FURBLING virtual friend. Both you and FURBY BOOM can feed, play, and interact with the virtual FURBLING. You will be able to collect over 50 eggs within the FURBY BOOM app and eventually build a FURBY BOOM city. Throughout the year the FURBY BOOM creature will reveal easter eggs within the app such as a Howl at the Moon function. FURBY BOOM also features an enhanced memory function that will allow it to remember other FURBY BOOM friends it encounters. The personality of each FURBY BOOM is shaped by how you play with it, with the possibility of five brand new personalities to evolve. The free FURBY BOOM app is available for download at the App Store and Google Play. The FURBY BOOM app is not required for FURBY BOOM play. FURBY BOOM requires four AA batteries, not included.

    From the Manufacturer

    View larger Furby Boom Figure - Pink Hearts Get ready, because Furby Boom is the beginning of another adventure. A new generation is hatching on the free Furby Boom app. Discover everything that only Furby Boom can do. With the Furby Boom app, Furby Boom can remember and say its name, remember the names of Furby Boom friends it meets, collect and hatch virtual eggs, and raise a city of virtual Furby Furblings. The Furby Boom experience combines real-world interactions with virtual play for a game that will keep you coming back for more. Your Furby Boom responds to you, changes personalities based on how you treat it, dances to music, talks to other Furby Boom creatures and virtual Furby Furblings creatures, and more than anything, wants to connect with you! Build Your Virtual Furby Furblings City A New Generation Is Hatching The population is booming because Furby Boom can hatch more than 50 virtual Furby Furblings eggs! Collect virtual eggs in the free Furby Boom app by taking care of your Furby Boom, getting them from friends with Furby Boom, and even by finding them. Can you hatch enough virtual Furblings to fill the towers of your city and get the golden egg? As you collect and hatch virtual Furblings eggs, your digital city fills up with virtual Furblings that you and your Furby Boom can interact with.Team up with your Furby Boom and your virtual Furblings to play games in the app such as Furball, the Furbish version of soccer. Between taking care of your Furby Boom and raising virtual Furblings, the Furbish fun goes on and on! Raise Digital Furblings With Your Furby BoomView larger Take Care of Furby Boom With the App When you play with your Furby Boom creature using the free Furby Boom app, you can unlock the complete game experience. Give your Furby Boom a name using the app - your Furby Boom will remember it and the names of other Furby Boom creatures it meets! Keep track of your Furby Boom creature's health, hunger, and cleanliness levels using the app's monitor. Time for a checkup? Try X-raying Furby Boom. Is Furby Boom hungry? Grab a snack from the app's pantry. Need to freshen up? Give Furby Boom a virtual shower! When you take care of your Furby Boom, it becomes ready to take care of something too - that's when you get a virtual Furby Furblings egg! (Furby Boom app features only available for Furby Boom product.) Take Care of Your Furby Boom With the AppView larger A Mind of Its Own Furby Boom has a mind of its own and combines physical and digital ways to play. Interact with your Furby Boom 1-on-1 to shape its personality, and then hatch and raise digital Furby Furblings together in the Furby Boom app. Furby Boom is different. This Furby Boom creature has more than twice as many responses as the previous Furby, remembers the name you give it, has 5 new personalities to discover and, on top of all that, it's hatching a new generation! View larger Includes Includes Furby Boom creature and instructions View larger Highlights Collect and hatch virtual Furblings to fill your city in the Furby Boom app, and try to hatch the golden FurblingYou can hatch and raise virtual Furblings with your Furby Boom, and play games together using the free Furby Boom appUse the Furby Boom app to give your Furby Boom creature virtual food, checkups, showers and moreUsing the Furby Boom app, Furby Boom will remember the name you give it and the names of other Furby Boom friends it meetsFurby Boom has even more responses than the previous Furby, has 5 different personalities, and can remember its name, hatch virtual Furblings, and more with the Furby Boom app Corporate Social Responsibility Hasbro is committed to being an ethical and responsible company and is a recognized toy industry leader in the areas of product safety, environmental sustainability, ethical sourcing and philanthropy.

    Furby Boom Pink Hearts Plush Toy - B00FS62XII

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