Quip It! DVD Game [Toy] - B0009PANDKQuip It! DVD Game [Toy] - B0009PANDK
Quip It! DVD Game [Toy] - B0009PANDK
Quip It! DVD Game [Toy] - B0009PANDK

Quip It! DVD Game [Toy] - B0009PANDK

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  • Watch the clip, write the quip, guess who wrote it

  • For 2 or more players or teams

  • Includes: 1 Game DVD, a Game Board, 8 Tokens, Quip Slip Pad, Dry Erase Guesser Board and Dry Erase Pen

  • Also includes 8 Pencils, Pencil Sharpener and an Instruction Sheet

  • For ages 13+ years

  • From the makers of Scene It? Where does your mind go when you witnesslife's stranger than fiction moments? Find out when you play Quip It!,where friends make up quips and captions to weird photographs, movie and TVclips, drawings and cartoons. Each player take a turn trying to guesswhich player wrote which quip for bizarre pictures, unusual film clips and otheron-screen oddities.Whether you're trying to fool the Guesser or voting for the funniest quip,you're in for a wickedly clever, side-splitting good time. an all outassault on normalcy, Quip It! is a provocatively witty, unchecked, runningcommentary on life, where imagination and laughter are the name of thegame. So sharpen your pencil, let down your guard and by all means getquippy with it.

    Quip It! DVD Game [Toy] - B0009PANDK

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